About Us

Founded by Mihir Mittal and Ayush Singhal in 2016, the two cousins wanted to create something of their own and created The Hatke. The Hatke is a fashion brand that provides unique (hatke) fashion apparels for the youth. The youth including us were not satisfied with the available options to choose from. So the only solution to it was to create it ourselves. We folded our sleeves and went all out to create stylish apparels. It was not easy at all. In the process, we hit many bumps on the road but continued striving. We knew something better was waiting for us. We kept going and “The hatke” happened.


Now The Hatke is competing with the top brands and giving them a good run for their money. The 3 USPs of The hatke are:

  1. Design
  2. Quality
  3. Economical

We have something for everybody. You want to make a fashion statement, want to depict love for your interests, want to express yourself, we got you covered. We know the youth wants to wear the latest but doesn’t want the cost attached to it.