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Our phones are our most essential commodities and to dress them and add accessories to protect them is the least we can do. It is a fact that gearing up on accessories for your mobile phones is never going to get out of fashion. Adding in small elements of yourself be it in a phone case only can you give you that little extra push. 

TheHatke provides all there is to the world of phone accessories, from trendy phone cases and charger cables to pop sockets and screen guards. Along with finding affordable products, you can also expect the best from our website. We have everything that your phone could ever need ! So we introduce “Accessories : TheHatke Exclusive”. 

We have curated the trendiest accessories for you and you only. Be it cases or cable protectors, we never disappoint in lieu of quality, deliverance or customer satisfaction. 

TheHatke introduces its special accessories to make your life easier, better, more fun and colorful. 

Camera Lens Protector 

camera lens


Clicking the perfect photos is a necessity in today’s day and age. Expensive mobile phones with advanced cameras can make us anxious to put on unclean surfaces. We resort to protecting our mobile phones however we can. In TheHatke exclusive accessories, we have the camera lens protector so that you can take your Instagram worthy pictures without any fear or dirt. 
Our camera lens protector is scratch resistant so that you can set down your phones with no worry. Also, it is extremely easy to install, you would not need a guide. The installation is completely hassle-free.

It is ultra thin and highly transparent so that it doesn’t hinder you from using your phone easily or make it uneven.  It embraces your phone’s camera and is not at all noticeable, You won’t even know once you install it ! 

By putting on the protector, nothing will change in your camera, it will just be protected. Your camera quality will not get affected. That is our guarantee ! 

Mobile Stand 

mobile stand

We all love using our mobiles for various reasons, watching series or films, listening to music or podcasts, trying out those dance moves, makeup tutorials or a new recipe. There are a trillion reasons for using your phone nowadays. But the hassle of holding your phone or not being able to set it somewhere perfectly is quite irritating. Mobile stands are saviours in these situations. 


What could be better than a premium quality stand from your well trusted website !! 


TheHatke has come up with a fine quality mobile stand to make every task you do a hundred times easier. You can attach your mobile phone to the stand and do those tutorials easily. Using your mobile phones could never have been easier with our mobile stands


These mobile stands have different angles to mount your phone. It is flexible to fit your flexible lifestyle. It is absolutely portable and not too big in size which will help you in carrying it wherever you like, your office or a friend’s place for a hands-free and hassle-free experience.

Charger Cables 

charging cable

What good are our phones without their chargers? And that ultimate panic of not having your charger near you when your phone hits 1% is more dreadful. The worse you ask ? that would be losing your charger cable, an absolute dread ! 


Whenever you lose your charger cable, the one thing that comes to your mind is, you wouldn’t be able to find anything close to the original which will not hurt your pockets. Well, TheHatke has something for you ! 


Affordable cables that are extremely high quality and compatible with your devices. 


We have cables for Type C phones, apple users as well as micro USB charging cables. You ask for it, we have it ! 


The one thing we would never compromise on is quality and here too, the quality of the product is king ! These cables are stronger than normal ones, they also support fast charging which most cables do not do. They support 3A charging which is 33% faster than 2A charging cables.

They have the best in class connectors that are strong and more durable than normal cables. They are 1 meter long so that you can access your phone easily even if it's charging.


Screen Protectors 

screen protector


When you have your mobile phone in your hand 24*7, it is inevitable that it may fall once or twice. Screens are a delicate part of the phone, the least we can do is protect them from harm. 


Screen protectors should be at the top of your list once you buy a mobile phone. TheHake has the best only for you ! Our screen protectors are everything you could ask for and still at an affordable price. 


Our screen protectors are scratch resistant, protecting your mobile from any scratches. They are also stronger than tempered glass screen protectors. Tempered glass may break after continuous falling but impossible glass will resist breaking even after that. It is also bubble proof and anti-fingerprint. Our screen protector gives full coverage to your mobile phones , the area of coverage it offers is something that cannot be challenged.


And lastly, you needn’t worry about the installation. With a few simple instructions, you can apply the screen protector quite easily and within a few minutes. We assure a hassle-free installation ! 

Cable Protectors 


cable protector



Our cables help us in charging our most precious phones. We have the perfect product for you to say no to broken or frayed cables !


These cable protectors are made of hardened high-grade silicone so that you never have to worry about breakage. It can fit your phone charger cables or laptop charger cables, it is compatible with all types of cables. They protect your cables against breakage or fraying. 


It is extremely easy to use, it looks good with your charger cables and protects them too.





Talking of protecting our phones, in these difficult times of a pandemic, the most thing that we need to protect is ourselves. The least we can do at this time is wash our hands and wear masks. 


TheHatke not only works towards protecting and enhancing your mobile phones but also encourages you to take care of yourselves in these difficult times. 


With N-95 masks, you can step out of the house with next to no worries. It has the 5 layered Pentafilter technology : 1st layer non-woven fabric layer to protect coarse particle,2nd layer Melt-blown Woven for smaller particles,3rd layer with activated charcoal to magnetize microparticles,4th layer Cotton micro-particle filter for microparticle filtration and 5th layer consist of weaved cotton fabric for moisture control and skin protection. 


You can breath easily with this mask and be comfortable for a long period of time. It also has an adjustable nose clip providing a custom fit and secure seal. The strings are soft and comfortable as well. 


While buying gear for your technology, don’t forget yourself ! 


Protecting and enhancing your mobile phone should be easier now.TheHatke accessories are for your pleasure and use. 


We hope this information helps you in your next purchase ! Browse thoroughly but don’t compromise on quality because we don’t. 

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