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  1. What is a shutter case ?
  2. TheHatke introduces the Shutter Case !


What is a Shutter Case ? 

shutter case

The latest invention that is catching everyone’s attention are the Shutter Cases. They have come into everyone’s attention recently and nobody is objecting ! It is quite an invention. 


Shutter cases is the upgrade that no one knew they needed. They are basically phone cases with a sliding camera cover that protects your mobile phone’s camera from dust and dirt. It is perfect for anyone who keeps their mobile phone anywhere and everywhere. With this phone case, you can protect your phone’s camera and maintain its quality for a long period of time. 


Cameras in mobile phones are essential in today’s day and age. Mobile phones with high definition cameras and a tremendous amount of megapixels cost a lot. That is why it is really important to protect your camera lens however you can. Almost all of us put on phone cases on our mobile phone for their protection and for an aesthetic feel as well but wouldn’t it be perfect to add in an extra layer of protection to our phone case ? Shutter cases do just that ! They add in that extra layer of protection with a sliding camera lens protector and protects your mobile phone’s camera from all of the dirt, dust and unnecessary scratches. 


With a sliding camera lens protector, you get the advantage of closing or opening it according to your convenience. While clicking pictures and making videos, you can slide the camera lens protector away from the camera and use it in full capacity and when you are done using your camera, you can slide it back to protect your camera’s lens. 


Shutter cases have become all the hype these days and rightly so ! They are the ultimate protection your camera can get. You can put down your phone on any surface

and not worry about scratching or damaging your camera lens. These cases truly make life easier and more enjoyable. 


There is also an objection floating around in the market - Wouldn’t the sliding cover damage the camera due to regular use ? We believe this could happen if the phone case you are using is not of good quality. An inferior quality shutter case can damage your mobile phone’s camera rather than protecting it which is its actual purpose. Phone cases can be bought at street markets and cheap online stores as well. We urge you to check out the case you are buying thoroughly beforehand so that you don’t damage your mobile phone’s camera. It is true that the damage caused by that is irreparable. 


A good quality shutter case can help you in numerous ways. First and foremost, it protects your mobile phone’s camera perfectly and gives you the option of sliding the camera lens cover at your convenience. TheHatke has for you the shutter case of the utmost quality. If you are looking for a shutter case, you should definitely buy this ! 


TheHatke introduces Shutter Cases ! 

TheHatke thrives while curating the best phone cases for you ! 

shutter case


With the massive wave of shutter cases hitting everyone, we have brought the best of the best only for you. This premium quality product will exceed all your expectations. Maintaining the amazing standard of our phone cases, these shutter cases are of the most incredible quality and have the most amazing design. TheHatke never compromises with quality and here too, we have tried to deliver the best shutter cases possible to you. We have continued all of the features from our previous phone cases.  

We have listed out some features that are provided in our shutter cases :- 

  1. Handmade Cases 


Like all of TheHatke phone cases, these shutter cases are also handmade to the core. They are curated to achieve excellence so that you can protect your phones and invest in something that goes on for a long time and is durable. 

  1. 3D Silicone Material 

At TheHatke, we have used the most premium quality material to ensure our product’s durability and longevity. This material also ensures a good grip so that you have a strong hold on your phone and it also feels soft to touch. A grip is very important for a phone case as it keeps it protected and safe in your hands. 

It is made of a soft silicone like TPU material, it is a very smooth silicone which is extremely soft to the touch for your comfort. 

  1. Shock Proof 

For all our phone cases, we ensure that they are shock proof and have 360 degree protection so that your mobile phones have the best protection possible. With the highly elastic TPU material, our cases are anti-fall and shield your mobile phones from any fall or accident. 

  1. Lightweight and Slim-fit Design 


The material used in the manufacturing of our phone cases makes sure that the cases are lightweight. They are not a burden to your mobile phones, they are just an extra layer of safety and style. They are also very slim-fit in design so that your phone doesn’t look bulky or out of shape. They are highly compatible with any mobile phone and will suit your portable device perfectly. 

  1. Precision cutouts 

shutter case

It is important for any phone case to have proper and precise cutouts for all buttons or openings that a mobile phone may have. We have specially ensured all precision cutouts for all necessary buttons and openings so that you can use your mobile phones with ease and the phone case doesn’t come in your way. 



  1. Movable Camera Shutter 

shutter case

The hero of it all - the movable camera shutters steal the show with their perfection. They are especially built to provide shielding to your phone cameras. They shield your camera lens from any dirt, dust or scratches so that you can maintain them easily. Our shutter cases ensure the longevity of your phone’s cameras. With these shutter cases, you can put down your phone almost anywhere and keep your camera intact and well. 

Are you now inspired to buy shutter cases for your mobile phone ? Go for it ! 


Buy TheHatke’s shutter cases and protect your mobile phones in style ! 

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