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  1. The origination of Pop sockets. 
  2. Specifications and composition of Pop sockets. 
  3. Features and uses of Pop sockets
  4. TheHatke Pop Sockets. 

The Origination of Pop Sockets 


Pop sockets have taken the phone accessories world by a storm. With the generation being constantly on their phones, pop sockets gave them ease, style and comfort they most needed to use their mobile phones more freely. 


Almost all of us use pop sockets, but do we know where and when did they originate ? 


In 2010, Former Philosophy professor David Barnett wanted a way to store his headphones to prevent them from tangling. His solution was to glue two buttons to the back of his phone to wrap his headphones around. After listening to some family-friendly mocking about his hasty solution, he decided to come up with a more appealing design. This eventually evolved into the idea behind PopSockets.


Barnett teamed up with Speck Design for his iPhone case design and turned to Kickstarter to share his idea in hopes of receiving funds. This idea was eventually scrapped and PopSockets were designed.


Barnett took the design, added a sticky gel pad, and PopSockets were born. You could now wrap your headphones around it or position it to act as a kickstand on your phone.


In 2015, Barnett signed his first major retail deal with T-Mobile. This put his brand wide across the whole world and allowed T-Mobile to sell PopSockets as part of buying a new smartphone.

In February 2018, PopSockets LLC invented car vent mounts that allow you to slide your PopSockets right in. This gives your phone a spot in your car free from sliding around and makes driving safer for those that use their phones as a GPS.


Popsockets LLC also created a multi-surface mount right after the Car mounts took off. This made it incredibly easy to mount your phones anywhere, in the kitchen while cooking or bathroom for the makeup tutorial you always wanted to try. 


Pop sockets blew up in the millennial generation. Most of them having a smartphone are always looking for something chic, stylish yet durable and usable. Pop sockets were the epitome of usefulness. People around the age group of 18-29 started the Pop socket revolution by endlessly buying them and promoting their usefulness. 


Even though Barnett designed the pop sockets originally for headphones as there are two grooves on the accordion but it ended up providing a lot more uses ! 


Specifications and Composition of Pop Sockets 

PopSockets are made of polycarbonate, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), and polyurethane. Basically, all three of these materials are fancy words for plastic.

The plastic material is molded to make 3 main pieces:

  • Button
  • Accordion
  • Platform

 The combination of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and polycarbonate gives elasticity and strength. This makes the Pop socket flexible and also ensures its strength. The polyurethane aids the pop socket to stick to your phone better and maintain the grip and also that the image printed on it doesn’t fade or peel off easily. 

The accordion allows you to easily bend, rotate and move it right, left, up or down according to your use. The two hinges have multiple uses like, storing your earphones, using it as a stand, using your phone while laying down, mounting your phone up on a car mount or a multi-surface mount and much more. 

    Features and Uses of Pop Sockets 

    While being extremely trendy, ultra-modern and fashionable, pop sockets provide a variety of uses. The minute someone starts using one, they seldom go back. They make life that easy. They quite literally revolutionised the experience of using mobile phones. 

    Few of the familiar uses of Pop sockets are :

    1. Media:

      Pop sockets make it generally easier to hold onto your phone but while you are scrolling through social media, taking a picture or video or even gaming, it provides you with an extra grip and comfort. 

    2. Exercise:

      Running is itself a tedious task and to hold onto your phone while doing it can make it more anxious. You'll always be thinking what if it falls ! With pop sockets, you can hold your phone firmly and run with a relaxed mind. You can even mount up your phone on your cycle or any gym equipment. 

    3. Fidgeting:

      The onset of fidget spinners made it us all realise that fidgeting can really make you take a load off. It can act as a very affordable and instant stress reliever. Even though fidget spinners became lame soon, pop sockets are still on the hype. You can spin them all the same and also pop and un-pop them a million times. Trust us, it really works ! 

    4. Protection:

      With the advancement in pop socket design and features, companies have come up with another cool and usable product : a case with an in-built pop socket. You can even change the button of the pop socket to get different designs. This makes it a hundred times easier to use pop sockets and keep your phone protected at all times. 

      There are a million designs that pop sockets come in, different graphics, prints, materials and much more. You can pair your pop socket with your phone case or keep it contrasting, pop sockets add up to your style. You can even customise your pop sockets to your favourite character or according to some event. They have no end ! 
      Everyone owns a smartphone and pop sockets have become a whirlwind which is taking over everyone. 

    TheHatke Pop Sockets


    With the rise in the popularisation of pop sockets, there has been a wide increase in the varieties of pop sockets that are being sold. 

    From plain colours like black, white, etc to superheroes based (as shown in the picture in the left) and films or TV shows based. Companies and individuals have taken advantage of this augmentation of pop socket sales. 


    But,  the thing that lacks sometimes from their product can be quality. Not all companies selling the product have the printing quality or best raw materials used for the making of the pop socket, so it breaks easily or the design fades or peels away. This is one thing that you would never have to deal with TheHatke pop sockets. 

    TheHatke Pop Sockets are made of the premium quality raw materials. It is completely handmade ensuring  sturdiness and flexibility. We do provide limited stock so that we can deliver the best to our customer. We use 3D silicon material to maintain the quality of the product to never disappoint you guys ! 

    These pop sockets work well with both mobile phones and tablets. The advanced adhesive guarantees a firm grip and an amazing support. You can easily stick or remove the product without causing your mobile phone or tablet any damage. In addition, our pop sockets are scratch resistant, bubble proofed and anti-fingerprint.  What else could you want !! 


    We have a feeling you would be completely sold on pop sockets if you weren’t already. If you are planning to buy a pop socket (another on or even for the first time), check out TheHatke pop sockets for sure ! There is no margin for disappointment with us. 


    Let your pop sockets enhance your mobile phone experience and make life on your portable devices easier. 


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