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We build our homes with all our hearts, love and sometimes sweat and some of us movie into rented places with the hope to make it their homes to live in and cherish. But the thing that unites everyone is the love everyone holds for their abode. It gives comfort and makes us feel secure and safe. As everyone says, “ There’s no place like home.” and nothing can be more true.

During this difficult year of our lives due to a worldwide pandemic, we did get fed up with our homes but the sanctuary we had was incomparable. We could find new ways to honour and cherish our sanctuary by giving it a new twist or do something “hatke” to make life in our homes more interesting. What could be better than some home decor with TheHatke to do something “hatke” ? 

We at TheHatke have for you the perfect solution for your boring walls : our Vintage posters ! Posters that will make your walls stand out and give your rooms a very cool and chic vibe. Walls can be your own personal canvas in your home, you can paint it however you want even if you leave it as it is. Posters can be a wide stroke of red on your canvas, bright, colorful and striking. 



Superheroes are not only for children, they are for everyone. Period. 

 If you are also a diehard fan of any of these superheroes, we understand you ! We too have the superhero fever and are not sorry about it. 


We have the most amazing collection of superhero posters for all of you guys. From Marvel to DC, Superman to Iron man, we have got it all. 


We have the powerful and beautiful Wonder Woman who with her amazing place in DC

and robust history which everyone is a fan of. Wonder Woman is one of the most radiant, tough and strong female superheroes of this time. 


To add to the list of female superheroes, we have Black widow, the badass of Marvel and Avengers. With her interesting past, fast action moves and amazing skills in combat, she is one of the strongest Avenger. 


The evergreen Captain America, who is strong as his shield and calm as water at the same time. The first Avenger is the glue of the Avengers and his posters should surely be your next buy. 


Deadpool is the funniest and one of the most loved superheroes of the Marvel universe. With an amazing love story and end of the evil story, he emerges as the superhero no one knew they wanted. 


We have more amazing superheroes for you like the most badass and rich superhero of DC, Batman, the fastest superhero nobody can catch, Flash, the fiercest and one of the strongest of Uganda, Black Panther, the strongest and the most green of the Avengers, Hulk, the one and only god as a superhero, Thor of Asgard and many more with unmatchable powers and skills. 


Why wait to go all out with this 16 posters combo to unveil the superhero in you ? 

Guardians of the Galaxy Posters 

Guardians of the Galaxy is such a funny yet intense movie. One minute you are laughing and the next minute, the universe is collapsing somewhere and there are wars between planets and galaxies. 


The characters of the movie as well as the comics have a seperate fanbase. They are deeply loved, adored and followed, everyone of them.

If you are one of the people who absolutely love the movies, comics or both, we have exactly the right thing for you. Our Guardians of the galaxy collection is not only cool and aesthetic but will make a statement in your rooms wherever you wish to decorate it. 


Are you also a fan of Star Lord ? Us too ! From his undying humour and love for music, he steals our heart away as well. He is kind but also fierce. He is one of the most loved Guardian and we all are here for it. 


Even though Gamora is Thanos’s creation, she is still very much a part of Guardians of the Galaxy as she fights for the good. She is strong, aggressive, strong-minded but also gentle, kind and calm. She is beautiful and unmatched. 


Baby groot is by far undoubtedly the most loved Guardian out of them all. He is the cutest , most kind and generous guardian who protects the galaxies with all his being. Even though he just says “groot”, he says it all with just one word. He is an amazing friend and surely a superhero. His posters can put a smile on anyone’s face. 


Drax is funny and he doesn’t know it. He is still, calm, strong and fast, everything at the same time. Rocket is the most clever of them all and assuredly an amazing friend. Mantis is sweet, caring and intelligent and also loves deeply. 


So, who is your favorite Guardian of the Galaxy ? 

All these posters don’t only come in these combos there are many more combos custom made for you and you only ! You can get the 16 superheroes posters combo, 8 superhero posters combo, the Avengers posters combo or the Guardian of the Galaxy posters combo.


Here too, TheHatke has not compromised with quality to ensure an amazing product reaches you. Our vintage posters are extremely high quality with exclusive designs (as you can see). 

They are 12*18 inches and can make any room shine. We also have included pasting material (glue drops) for you to easily stick these posters to the surface of your choice. They are very sturdy and made of a very high quality material.


Any superhero fan out there should totally have these posters to commemorate their love for these amazing superheroes. What better than home decor with TheHatke to show your immense love to your superheroes ? 


We hope you browse through our website to choose the posters of your choice and add some interesting elements in your homes. 


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