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About VIVO S1 Pro 

vivo s1 pro
Source: VIVO

Vivo S1 Pro is one good looking phone ! Its striking features will catch your eye surely for once. It has a diamond shaped camera (actually four different cameras), which is a unique feature added to make the phone different and helps it stand out. The Vivo S1 Pro is purely minimalistic and manufactured to look good. 

This product comes in three different colors, all very distinct and prominent. All the various gradients offered by Vivo are completely different and uniquely new. It can be a little chunky as it is 8.66 mm thick and the weight can be quite noticeable. After using it for a long period of time, you can feel the weight of the mobile phone quite easily. The phone does have a glossy finish but it has not been found to be slippery or getting out of hand, it also has rounded edges and a tapered back that makes it easier to hold. The grip is strong and firm for your comfortability and gives the confidence of holding your phone easily.  The back is also not glass but laminated plastic which reduces the risk of it breaking. 


vivo s1 pro

The display provided by Vivo S1 Pro is very vivid with a 6.38 inch super AMOLED display with a full HD+ resolution. You can watch videos or play games with amazing display quality and never miss a thing. 

Vivo has also proposed again like some previous models the display fingerprint sensor which works perfectly well and doesn’t hang or stutter at all. There is also a Face lock option which is quick and works perfectly well too but still is a little slower than the fingerprint sensor or pin/pattern option. 

The display does come with a pre-applied screen protector but it can become a little irritating as it quickly peels off and can graze and irritate your fingers while using gestures. 

The jazzy colors are for surely a welcome addition but adding into it is the slim design and profile of the mobile phone and the unique feature of the camera module while it being slim as it barely protrudes at all makes the phone distinct and unique. 

Vivo S1 Pro has been fitted with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Other specifications include dual 4G VoLTE, dual-band Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5, FM radio, GPS, USB-OTG, and support for Google's Widevine L1 DRM certification. There's the usual suite of sensors too, including a gyroscope and compass. 

This phone gives you an amazing battery life. You can use it regularly and consistently for the day with an unfaltering battery and enjoy your phone thoroughly and freely. Charging the phone completely with its original charger takes about two and half hours, which is fast and a good amount of time too. The performance and battery life provided by Vivo in this model is quite incredible for its price too. 

Best Mobile Covers for Vivo S1 Pro 


With this amazing model presented by Vivo, wouldn’t you want to enhance it with cool accessories ? And what would be better than TheHatke phone cases, the best mobile covers for Vivo S1 Pro. 


We have different designs for everyone. Plain simple colored cases in various colors like black, blue and much more. We also have smocked mobile cases to give your mobile phone a smocked and smokey look. Like all TheHatke phone covers, mobile covers for 

Vivo S1 Pro are also made of completely trustable handmade material with 3D silicone. The quality is amazing and top-tier, like always, we have not and can never compromise with the quality. The smooth silicone layer has a firm grip and also feels very soft in your hands. 

The mobile cases are shock proof and it protects your phone in most situations. It has 360 degree protection and covers all edges of your mobile phone so that your mobile phone is utterly protected from all angles. With our phone cases, you can feel confident with your phone in your hand and also enhance your ensemble very easily. An accessory adds up to any ensemble and phone covers adds to the level of enhancement as well.  

panda silicon case vivo S1 pro


For all the people who like quirky and funky cases that look cute and can always strike a conversation, this can be the mobile case for you ! 

This is a 3D silicone phone case which has a protruding panda figure on the top for an added effect.  You can buy this case with your eyes closed, we are sure you’ll love it ! 

With a soothing color and adorable panda faces on it, it is perfect to brighten up your mood whenever you look at it. 

good vibes case for vivo s1 pro

Our phone covers for the Vivo S1 Pro are extremely compatible with your mobile phones. There are precise cutouts and gaps for buttons and such, you will be able to access any button or the charging port very easily. These covers will only amplify your experience with your new Vivo S1 Pro. 

TheHatke phone covers give the most premium look to your already stunning mobile phones. And for a stunning model like this, we have the best mobile covers for Vivo S1 Pro only for you ! 

All covers are tremendously lightweight, they will not add any weight to your phone but only make your grip a little better and protect your phone. Our covers are also slim-fit in design, they do not make your mobile phone chunky or bulky. 

TheHatke, thus, brings you to the best mobile covers for Vivo S1 Pro with the best looks, designs and the most premium quality.

At TheHatke, we ensure that our customers meet all their needs and get the best of them all. So, we hope you browse thoroughly and choose the phone case that suits you and your needs. As with an incredible mobile phone like Vivo S1 Pro, you need to have a mobile cover that matches that level. 

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