5 Outfit Ideas to Rock this Holi

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  1. Traditional white 
  2. Tie-dye 
  3. Go western 
  4. Fun prints 
  5. Indo-western 

Traditional White 

Because of almost every Bollywood movie ever, wearing white on holi became more and more popular. Still we would not know the real reason behind wearing white on holi besides it looking classy. 


God Vishnu won over evil and restored peace which is why wearing white was started and promoted on holi to portray peace, humanity and brotherhood. White emits the feeling of peace and harmony which the festival symbolises. 

There is no doubt, photos with a white attire with holi colors exceed everyone’s expectations. These photos can take over your social media, they come out amazingly beautiful and as is the trend these days, aesthetic too. This could be the number one reason for you to choose to wear white for Holi this year. 

So are you going for white this Holi ? What all can you wear to look classy, chic yet Holi ready ? 

The first thing that comes to mind is a seamless white traditional kurta (if its flowy, brownie points). You can not go wrong with a simple white kurta. You'll look elegant, classy but also fun and at the end of the day, you’ll look colourful as well. Any white kurta you have that you do not wear as much ? Put it to use this Holi ! 

You can also go for a simple white T-shirt and denim, following the footsteps of Naina from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Again , extremely simple and yet a very trendy and fashionable look. 


Can’t think of an outfit for this Holi ? Don’t worry, just go for Tie-dye ! 


Holi being the festival of colors promotes being colorful and fun. So, how can you go wrong with Tie-Dye ? Tie-Dye with extremely crazy, vibrant and vivid colors works best and is evergreen just like a white outfit. 

Tie-dye comes in various patterns like spiral, diamond or the marble effect. Any pattern in tie-dye looks extremely trendy, cool and chic. If you are looking for an outfit that looks effortless, tie-dye is it for you. You can look as if you did not put in any effort in your outfit and get many compliments for sure. 

Tie-dye can be the perfect choice for Holi if you want to step out of the house all colorful from the start only. If you want something funky, reliable and effortless, tie-dye can be your go to !

Go Western ! 

Deepika padukone reinvented the Holi look with the iconic 'Balam Pichkari' song. Some denim shorts and a colorful top could be your go to for this Holi ! 

For all the people who just want to celebrate Holi without any tensions, just with friends and no worries in the world, wearing any western outfit or even any outfit you have in your closet you don't wear now will work perfectly. Because for you, Holi is about colors and madness. 

If you like to dress up and put some effort  on this festival, you can pick something out that is chic, trendy but also simple and elegant and rock the western look, this Holi. 

You can go for denim shorts and a colorful top or some loose and comfortable pants with a basic white T-shirt. You can make this look more interesting with some silver oxidised traditional jewellery and add some indian "tadka" to your wester Holi look. 

So do you have any worn and torn denims or T-shirts in your closet to ruin this holi ? Or are you going for a simple, put together look for a simple and chic celebration ? 

Fun Prints

For the festival of colors, what would be better than something full of colorful prints and designs? 


Not decided your outfit for Holi until now? Don't worry, we have got you covered ! 

Prints are all the hype this spring season and this Holi, you can wear prints and look extremely hip and radiant. You can easily stand out and own the celebration by simply pairing an appropriate printed top or bottom for the festival. Just be ready to thank many people for the many compliments ! 

White plain sarees with simple and minimal print or embroidery of various colors can help you look minimalist and so stylish. At the same time, suits in the same design can elevate your look for this season. You can also opt for western by wearing any top or bottom with funky prints. It will not only look amazing but also feel amazing ! 

Want to know some more out of the box ideas ? How about some customised Holi T-shirts for your family or group of friends ? You can customise T-shirts, shirts or any clothing according to some personal memory, anecdote, phrase, etc and make your friends and family wear them. It will not only make your celebration special but also memorable.


Still can't decide out of everything ? Indo-Western could be the option for you !


Denims can be your default choice this Holi but what if you add in a simple kurta on top and make it more interesting. You can even add some indian jewellery or a dupatta to finish off the look. Making a statement can not become easier ! 

Even if you wear a whole western outfit and add on some indian twists with a dupatta or some jewellery or even some kohlapuris or juttis, you can ace the Indo-Western look and enter the Holi party bang on! 

We hope you could now decide what is gonna be your outfit this Holi. From traditional white clothing to crazy colors and prints, you can do it all but don't forget to enjoy with your friends and family and also don't forget to eat lots of gujjiyas and sweets !! 


From team TheHatke, we wish you all a very Happy Holi. We hope you have an amazing day ! 

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