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spring season


  1. Spring : The Shopping Season 
  2. Trends that follow Spring Season 
  3. TheHatke’s spring 


Spring season brings with itself a lot of fashion trends, shopping hikes and bright colours. Being most of the temperate seasons, it brings such vibrant hues into the world. This season brings in rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal and regrowth. With most flowering plants blooming and the soil breathing freely again, we also pack up winters with happy smiles and joyous strides. 
Spring colours are truly having a moment this year. Fashion takes a drastic turn from winters and you can go all out without thinking twice.  From being on runways and fashion shows to your accessories (even your phone accessories), the spring colours are becoming the essence of the season.  
There is even a hike in the sales of stores as people tend to shop more when the spring season hits. The warm outdoors and beautiful landscapes make a good reason for people to shop more. This is what spring entails. 

Spring : The Shopping Season 


Packing up winters feels like a relief to some and a dread to others. Here, we are calling out all those spring and summer people. We all know how we look forward to the spring season hinting at us to pack up all our winter wear and change our styles and tastes. 

spring season

The spring season brings with it not only blooming flowers, pleasant weather and chic fashion trends but also major hike in sales in many sectors and retail websites traffic. 

The question is why do people suddenly start shopping more and more whenever spring hits ? 


As soon as the winter ends, people start decluttering their wardrobes and houses and packing up everything that they wouldn’t need in the spring or summer. This makes us realize our stock for the upcoming season and makes us shop, A LOT. 

We start stocking up on things we consider essentials, like dresses, accessories, outdoor equipment and much more.  People have holidays and its travelling time, the shopping increases and increases. 

spring season

This makes brands and companies think about their product and add trends to alleviate their sales. These trends take over in no time if introduced at the right time and by the right people. There could be a thousand reasons for people to go on and shop, maybe the end of winter, maybe the desire to freshen up their wardrobes or another holiday, spring brings on a lot of sales. 


Consumers take in trends and buy products to get on with the times and look fashionable and hip. Reviews, fashion organization, influencers and celebrities play a very important role in making and breaking trends. 


Seizing the opportunity that trends can provide can become tricky for companies. Timing is everything. How to handle the sales, transactions, website data and targeting the right audience for the same can also become a hassle for the organization. 


Trends that follow Spring Season

spring season

The transition from winter to spring is always exciting, to go from chilly days to sun filled chirpy days. The same for trends, there is a big shift from winter neutral colors to the vibrant hues of spring. 


Punchy colors and bold prints have always been the go to for spring style. Floral prints and tinges of nature are always visible. Accessories are also mostly all out of the box, they are colorful and playful. Especially this year, satin is very in, be it satin dresses, scarfs, tops or bags. 


Stripes are really becoming the hype. Statement pieces are the go to if you can’t think of anything, like a bold pant, top, bag or any accessory


If we talk about the spring fashion and trends of 2021, we can clearly make out the stand out trends that are going on strong. The 90s and 2000s fashion is taking over

again 20-30 years and no one is against it. It is playful, colorful, full of attitude and striking. It is about feeling liberated and comfortable at the same time. Everyone is here for this change. 


The colors taking over spring have always been bright, like pink, yellow, orange, green and the likes of it. You can choose any spring color and add it to your ensemble anyhow and make a statement. A pop of color is always refreshing. You can make this resemble yourself and your personality. Neon or pastel colors stand out and also give you an edge. Spring colors are extremely eye-catching, they can simply elevate your mood and your ensemble. 


You should step out this spring with popping and jazzy colors to be a part of the spirit of the season. Embrace spring and its trends. 


TheHatke’s spring 

TheHatke celebrates the season of spring with you

TheHatke celebrates the season of spring with you. We bring to you amazingly striking colors, prints and designs to make your spring season more colorful and jolly. These products will for sure put you in the spring mood with its merry colors like, bright pink, tangy orange, popping yellow and so on. We have something for every mood. 


Our phone cases come in various shades, designs and prints but for the spirit of spring, we have for you the neon glow in the dark phone case.  This case gives you the essence of the spring season. The neon colors brighten up your phone and your mood while the glow in the dark feature can make your nights interesting. 


TheHatke has brought to you various colors and concepts but one thing that we have always stood by is the quality of our products and here too we have not compromised. The handmade case with 3D silicone material gives 360 degree protection to your mobile phone. It also is shock proof and keeps your phone out of dust and scratches. Our cases are tremendously lightweight and will fit your mobile phones perfectly. 


Besides the neon and glow in the dark cases, we have sparkly glitter silicone cases to make your days more interesting. With the same outstanding quality, we also have plain

 green glow


cases with colors like, pastel pink, peach and many more.  You can spruce up your ensemble or even your mood by adding a colorful and fascinating accessories for your phone, this can be in the form of phone cases or even pop sockets. 

With the spring season right up the alley, we give you the opportunity to add some products to your collection to enjoy the spring season thoroughly. We assure you, you won’t regret it ! 


We hope you find some spring inspiration from us and welcome the spring with open hearts and vibrant colors. 


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