Types of a Tie : The Looks Guide

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  1. Introduction
  2. Ascot Tie 
  3. Bow Tie 
  4. Traditional Tie
  5. Skinny Tie 

Ties are that accessory which put togethers a look, be it for a man or a woman. We usually see people in corporate businesses or professionals wearing a tie to work. Ties are the ultimate accessory in a business person's daily attire. This is traditionally worn by millions of business people and is still considered quite necessary. This is because ties look professional and gives off a very confident and put together vibe which helps a business person in his/her business endeavours. 

Types of a Tie : The Looks Guide

There are a few kinds of ties that can make or break your look. According to the occasion that you are planning for, there is a perfect tie that can make you ready for it. It is important to know which type of tie goes with what kind of outfit and occasion. It can be confusing but this detailed looks guide will help you figure it out very easily. 

 We have for you the ultimate types of ties that can make any look perfect for any occasion. Choose whichever matches with your mood, occasion and outfit and you will be ready to ace your look with ease. 

Here are the different types of ties : 


What is an Ascot Tie ? 

An Ascot Tie is a wide and pointed necktie and each end is of equal width. It is a narrow band wrapped around the neck with wings that are wide and point outwards. The Ascot Tie has a british and scottish descent. It has stuck in the formal fashion department from the 18th century and is still going strong in the 21st century. Ascot Ties, these days, come in various styles, colours and designs. They are more colourful at this time and are more distinct. 

ascot tie

 Where to wear an Ascot Tie ? 

An Ascot Tie is essentially a formal neck piece. But it is slowly gravitating towards a more casual style. They look very stylish and are still mostly worn on formal events. The Ascot has evolved remarkably. Nowadays, people wear it with shirts and tuck it in as a very casual garment. It is now worn as a scarf. It is not worn as it was traditionally very long ago. 


        How to tie an Ascot Tie ? 

These days, an Ascot Tie is simply tucked in the shirt for a casual and stylish look. You can simply tie it loosely around your neck and tuck it in. You can choose quirky colours and designs to make it stand out and ace your outfit. 

Traditionally, Ascot ties were tied differently. You can the it traditionally by following these simple steps - 

  • Cross over each other at equal lengths
  • Loop the top end through the bottom
  • Create a second loop with the threaded end
  • Slip top end through loop
  • Adjust
  • Fix into place with a pin 

  1. BOW TIE 

What is a Bow Tie ?

Bow tie is essentially a neck piece in the shape of a bow. It is made from a ribbon fabric tied around the collar in a symmetrical pattern. The opposite ends then form a loop. The Bow Tie originated in the 17th century in the upper classes of France. This style flourished and came into fashion in the 18th and 19th century. 

bow tie


What are the different types of Bow Ties ? 

A bow tie comes in three different types : 


  • The Self-tie Bow Tie 

These bow ties are freestyle. You can tie it yourself just the way you like it. This is the most basic style and brings in all the charm of a bow tie. The bow's natural lines, shape and slight asymmetry brings in a human touch to a self-tie bow tie. 

It is true that it can be difficult to tie a bow tie but you can always become better with practice and obviously, a little patience. 

  • The Pre-tied Bow Tie 

If you want to rock a bow tie and have no idea about how to tie one, the pre-tied bow ties are perfect for you ! They are neat, pre-tied, symmetrical bows that are attached to an adjustable band. You don't have to have perfection or patience to get this tie right. It is the perfect and most suitable tie for children or if you don't want to tie a bow tie. Some people just don't understand the point of pre-tied bow ties and prefer the traditional charm of a self-tie bow tie.

  • The Clip-on Bow Tie 

Now, do you want to make bow ties way more easier ? Clip-on bow ties are the thing for you ! They are also perfect for children and old people. Some men and women prefer the traditional  feel of self-tie bow ties. It is basically a pre-tied bow tie with a metal clasp that you can attach to your collar and that's it ! 

        When can you wear a bow tie ? 

You can wear bow ties in any formal event. You can dress it up with a tuxedo to a wedding or a black-tie event. Here, you should most definitely go for a self-tie bow tie as an adult. 

With a semi-formal attire, you can be easily experimental here. You can go with something quirky and with some fun and trendy colours and designs. 

With something casual, you can be highly experimental. If you want to do something easy, go for a polo t-shirt and some tailored pants with a quirky bow tie. 

      How to tie a bow tie ? 

  • Hang the bow tie flat around your neck. One side longer than the other. 
  • Bring the longer side across the shorter and keep it close to your neck so that it doesn't become loose. 
  • Continue to bring the longer side through the shorter side forming a simple and loose knot.
  • Fold the shorter side in a bow shape. This should be exactly in between the collar points. 
  • Drape the shorter side over the ront of the smaller. 
  • Fold the longer side and pass it through the loop behind the shorter side. 
  • Continue pulling the longer side but dont pull it all the way through.
  • Tighten the know and adjust it by pulling at either sides. 



A traditional tie is what almost everyone wears to work, to formal events, black-tie events or any formal or tie-worthy occasion. Your dad or mom probably wears them and has a closet full of them. You can wear a traditional tie with a tuxedo , a simple pant suit or just a shirt to a business event or everyday to work. You could go for quirky and fun ties if going for a family event or a party. Otherwise, simple and trustworthy ties are the best. 


      How to tie a traditional tie ? 

  • Start with the backside of the tie. Keep the wide end on the right and the small end on the left. Move only the wide end. Keep the side of the wide end longer.
  • Move the wide end under the small end to the left.
  • Move it up and across the small end to the right. 
  • Then move it up and into the neck loop from underneath. 
  • Pull it through the small loop that you have just made in the front.
  • Lastly, pull the wide end to tighten and adjust accordingly. 



What is a Skinny Tie ? 

A skinny tie is truly a traditional tie with a narrow and shorter width. It is the ultimate fashion accessory to show some rebellion as well as class. It looks amazing and dresses up your simple shirt or pant suit. It originated in the 1960s and they visibly flourished in the 70s during the infamous "Disco movement". You can tie the skinny tie exactly like a traditional tie and rock it ! 


 When to wear a Skinny Tie? 

Mostly youngsters are going for the skinny tie trend. But it is for everyone. You can wear it to work if you work in a more relaxed and open workspace. It is absolutely appropriate for a party or an informal get-together. Summer weddings and big dinners are also the appropriate occasions. You can wear it with a pant suit or a pair of nice jeans and you are good to go. 

We hope you choose the right tie for you according to the occasion you want it for. Ties can be a perfect accessory for you if you style it right.